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Since 1941

Simply Stunning Precious Gemstones

"Serendipity … the phenomenon of finding something valuable and so intrinsically beautiful. Our objective is to create defining moments in your life that is captured by beautifully crafted jewellery that will last many lifetimes."

Naushard Jabir, Founder

Redefining Luxury Jewellery from the heart of London

Founded in London by serial entrepreneur Naushard Jabir, Serendi is the the World’s first digital-only platform to retail luxury, natural precious gemstones and jewellery.

The focus is on ethically sourcing natural, untreated, certified precious gemstones of colour, making them accessible to our clients globally. The objective is to deliver true, unique and invaluable treasures for our clients to cherish and preserve for generations to come.

With a deep-rooted family heritage and expertise in precious gemstone trading, complemented with a talent for business and appreciation of technology, Naushard built Serendi to redefine an archaic industry with innovation, colour, creativity and flair.

Natural royal blue sapphires, pigeon blood rubies, vivid green tsavorites and sparkling red spinels … Created by Nature, Crafted by Hand.

The Three Princes of Serendi

Serendi is derived from the word ‘serendipity’, the phenomenon of finding something valuable by chance, a word coined by the English write Horace Walpole in 1754 after he read the Persian tale of the 3 Princes of Serendi.

Naushard found inspiration from both his grandfathers, Jabir and Rauff, who were pioneers of the precious gemstones industry in Sri Lanka. Along with his father Fahmy Jabir, a highly respected gemologist, they were the ‘3 Princes of Serendib’ who were Naushard’s inspiration growing up as they were leaders and visionaries who empowered and uplifted the communities around them. They were passionate about precious gemstones and revolutionized the gem trade and rose to great prominence. They were philanthropists, building schools and hospitals, and encouraged and launched social community and entrepreneurial programs. They travelled the world promoting and supplying precious gemstones to the high-end, globally renowned luxury jewellery brands.

Naushard launched Serendi to leverage this rich history, heritage and knowledge accumulated over decades … to deliver true and tangible treasures to clients, and empower and develop the communities who depend on the precious gemstone trade.