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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Serendi special?

We are proud to introduce to you the finest natural coloured gemstones in stunning designs and top-quality handcrafted jewellery. Serendi will create a masterpiece jewel for you or your loved one that could be cherished for years and years to come. All of our gemstones are 100% natural and unheated, and come with a world-class third-party certificate of authenticity. All of our jewellery are handcrafted by our team of master jewellers.

The story, however, does not end here. Serendi is committed to cultivating and developing sustainable communities in Asia and Africa where we source our gemstones from, as well as doing our bit in saving our planet by investing in nature and protecting invaluable land and wildlife sanctuaries.

Rarity, quality & value

While coloured stones of gem qualities are rare, untreated and unheated sapphires, spinal and rubies of good quality are incredibly rare and make up less than 1% of what is available on the gemstones global market.

We believe that these gemstones have considerably more charm and have their value on the rise compared to treated gemstones.

At Serendi, we believe that these top-quality gemstones have considerably more charm and store more value than heated gemstones, and therefore have their value on the rise compared to treated gemstones, gemstones of lower qualities and diamonds. Our spectacular spectrum of coloured gemstones grants you a unique opportunity to pick your fairy-tale gemstone and create an exclusive jewel.

We exclusively offer the finest quality gemstones amongst the unheated and untreated gemstones. Each of our gemstones come with a third-party certificate of authenticity and quality provided by world-class laboratories like The Gem Research Swisslab (GRS) of Switzerland, to provide an extra layer of certainty and assurance.

From the source to you

To support hard-working individuals and their families, and to make sure we purchase and offer the finest quality gemstones at the most competitive prices, our procurement team directly sources gemstones from small-scale miners and the small circles around them, mainly in Sri Lanka where our procurement team is based.

We give back

Serendi has pledged its commitment to cultivating and developing sustainable communities in Asia and Africa, where we source our gemstones, by investing in:

  • The Environment – Protecting invaluable land and supporting wildlife sanctuaries
  • Healthcare – Improving access to and investing in healthcare infrastructure
  • Education – Investing in schools, libraries and technology
  • Enterprise – Empowering communities and encouraging vertical trade
  • In total, we are committed that at least 5% of our profits will be invested in charitable projects and nature empowerment.

    Handcrafted Jewellery

    At Serendi, we are committed to offering the finest jewellery to our customers. We believe that our superior gemstones deserve the highest quality of craftsmanship. Therefore, and to create unique jewellery, our team of experts proudly make all of our jewellery by hand and to the highest standards.

    After sale

    Our customer care service continues after sale and we will be there for you at all times. Our friendly and responsive team are delighted to offer a range of after sale services including one free ring resizing and a Free Lifetime Warranty to all of our jewellery. Please check out the After-Sale Service section below.

Why do you focus on 'Natural & Unheated' gemstones?

Coloured gemstones are simply amongst the most beautiful marvels of nature. Every one of us in their life goes through special events that would be remembered and celebrated forever. At Serendi, we aspire to provide you with what would undoubtedly be the quintessential seal of your special life moments: our precious gemstones.

When choosing a precious gemstone for those special events, you will never find better than natural and untreated precious gemstones of colour. Each gemstone has evolved in nature over millions, if not billions, of years following a unique path that makes each one of them visibly different from the others and as unique and special as the event you are about to celebrate.

When considering coloured gemstones, particularly sapphires and rubies, understanding the terms “natural” and “untreated” are crucial to making an educated decision.

A natural untreated sapphire or ruby is one that has been taken from the ground and then faceted. Nothing at all was done to the stone to alter the natural beauty, which only elements and processes in the earth created naturally. These sapphires and rubies are exceptionally rarer and more valuable than heated ones.

The word “natural” identifies a gemstone that has been developed in nature, not synthetically created in a lab. The word “untreated” means that a sapphire or a ruby has not undergone any heat or chemical treatments to improve its colour or clarity.

Natural and unheated gemstones, whose value appreciates with time, are superior to diamonds, whose value is in decline over the last decade.

Precious gemstones and jewellery made of natural and unheated gemstones constantly appear in most high-end publications like Vogue and are in trend amongst the finest jewellery houses and distinguished families and individuals all over the world.

Are your gemstones certified?

All of our gemstones weigh one carat and above whether offered in “Jewellery”, “High Jewellery” or “Create Ring” sections are certified and come with a unique original GRS (Gem Research Swisslab of Switzerland) certificate or another world-class company report, also known as a gemstone certificate. These reports have been created by experts at highly-respected GRS laboratories or other world- class companies around the world. They contain a detailed description of the characteristics of the specific gemstone.

Where is Serendi located?

Serendi is a British company based in London. Serendi is registered in England and Wales Company House under registration 918271261. Our address is 24/25 The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG.

As an online business, we exclusively display our gemstones and jewellery clearly and pleasantly on our platform, so you can enjoy browsing while in the comfort of your own space.

Our team members, however, would be delighted to assist through our online chat or over the phone to choose the most suitable gemstone and jewellery and to answer your questions.


What is "Create"?

In addition to our spectrum of pre-made collections of rings, pendants, earrings and jewellery sets, we offer a customizable ring creation service online under “Create Ring”. You can start creating your unique ring by choosing a stunning gemstone from our exclusive collection then simply follow a few easy and enjoyable steps of choosing the ring design you like and the precious metal.

How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Our estimated shipping time for “Jewellery” and “High Jewellery” is 14 working days while “Create” takes up to 20 working days to create your ring and ship it.

Under the current COVID–19 situation, the shipping process may take longer than what is advertised above. We will inform you if we expect your order to be delayed and provide you with a new timeframe.

Which metal should I choose?

Serendi proudly offer the four top metal options of white gold (18k), platinum, rose gold (18k) and yellow gold(18k) for you to choose from. Each of the four options has its own unique characteristics to satisfy your taste and provide the ultimate setting for your gemstone.

White gold:

White gold is an alloy of gold and nickel, sliver, or palladium. The inclusion of white metals in the alloy gives white gold its silvery colour. White gold is rhodium plated to provide it with a sparkling white appearance. Our 18k white gold is very durable.


Platinum is the hardest metal available. It is pale greyish-white in colour and it does not change colour over time. It is usually the most expensive metal used for jewellery as it is heavier than gold.

Rose Gold:

Rose gold (18k) is also known as pink gold. Serendi use it in special designs where a pinkish metal colour best suits the gemstone(s), and offer it as an option for all rings under "Create". The rose colour is derived from the addition of different alloys to the gold during the casting process.

Yellow Gold:

Our 18k yellow gold has a beautiful rich yellow colour. We offer it for those who like the ever-beautiful original colour of gold.

How can I find the right ring size?

To find the right ring size you can read our Ring Size Guide

How can I send my item for resizing?

To send a jewellery item to Serendi for resizing, please follow the process below:

  1. Initiate your transaction: send an email to enquiries@serendi.co.uk, and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You will then receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and a free FedEx label via post to send us your item.
  2. Pack your item securely in the original packing materials and clearly place the FedEx label on the outside box. Make sure the transaction’s RMA is clearly written inside the parcel on an A4 sheet. Contact FedEx. You can either take the package to FedEx or arrange for one of their team members to collect it from your address.

Do you accept orders by phone?

For security reasons, we do not accept orders over the phone. Please get in touch over the phone or through the Live Chat, and one of our team members would be delighted to support you placing your order online step by step.


Do you offer free shipping?

We ship entirely free within the UK. We ship with FedEx for shipments below £35,000 and with another company for shipments above this amount.

Will the shipment be insured?

All shipped orders are fully insured up until you sign for receiving them.

Do you offer an express order service?

For the pre-made items picked from the “Jewellery” and “High Jewellery” sections, we aim to ship your order within ten working days unless a resizing is needed.

For items created from the “Create Ring” section, and given that all of our jewellery are 100% handcrafted, the handcrafting time for creating a ring cannot be reduced, and therefore we are unable to offer an express service. However, we aim to create the ring and ship it as soon as possible within the estimated shipping timeline.

Do you offer free return?

We offer 60 days cooling-off return for a complete refund and a free return shipping if you are not completely satisfied with your item. Please read our Return Policy for more information.


Are VAT and other taxes included in the price?

For all sales delivered to a UK address, VAT and all other taxes are factored in the price display. The price you see is what you pay.

Can I get a VAT refund?

We do not offer tax refund forms and you would not be able to refund VAT. This is in line with applicable laws and standard market practice in the UK.


Do you offer free ring resizing?

We are delighted to offer one free ring resizing in the UK within one year from purchase including free shipping. Please contact enquiries@serendi.co.uk and we will provide you with an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) and a free FedEx label via post to send us your item for resizing.

Some items cannot be resized due to their designs. Large changes in size also cannot be accommodated. Please contact enquiries@serendi.co.uk for more information on resizing.

If you want to make a resizing after one year or more than once in one year, we would be delighted to offer this service for a fee.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Serendi natural unheated sapphires and rubies are particularly hard and durable; in fact, they are as hard as 9 out of 10 on Mohs scale. Therefore, they are not disposed to chipping, cracking or breaking under normal use.

We also only use genuine, high-quality diamonds and gold (18k) or platinum for our jewels.

Gold, for example, is very soft in comparison with sapphires and could easily be chipped by them. The hardness of 18k gold of Mohs scale is about 2.75.

Serendi will bring you fine jewellery in an excellent shiny condition. To keep it like this, and to extend its life, we recommend you do the following:

  • Store your jewellery in its original Serendi box when you are not wearing it. This will protect the metal from scratches. Also bear in mind that different gemstones have different hardness and can easily scratch or knock each other if stored together.
  • Travel with a jewellery case. While regular storage is essential, travel storage is even more important. Putting your jewellery in a plastic bag or suitcase can cause irreversible damage.
  • Gently clean your Serendi jewellery using a soft cotton cloth to remove any oils, dust or contamination. You may also gently use simple, non-abrasive materials like soap and water, with a soft toothbrush.
  • Avoid wearing it when you are doing gardening, using a spa or participating in a sport as direct physical pressure or severe temperature change could damage your jewellery.
  • If your ring needs resizing or maintenance or you feel it needs professional cleaning, contact Serendi, and we will do this for you.
  • For your peace of mind, insure your fine Serendi jewellery items.
  • Frequently check your jewellery to make sure the stones are not loose

Do you offer free Lifetime Warranty?

We take pride in our products being of the highest quality and warrant that all items will be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the products.

If you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. If we determine your item is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the item or, if we deem appropriate, replace it.

If we determine that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, then we will notify you and let you know if repair service is available at cost.

Please note that slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship or natural characteristics, or internal inclusions, visible or otherwise, in coloured gemstones are unique and individual to each item. These characteristics are considered as part of the character of the item and are not considered a defect.

The free lifetime warranty is available only to the person who purchased the product from Serendi directly and upon producing the original invoice. The item must be shipped from and returned to a UK address.

Maintenance, repair, sizing or any other service performed by someone other than Serendi on any item will automatically void your warranty.


What payment methods do you accept?

For your convenience and security, we accept the following payment methods:

— Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment as it is the safest and fastest way of transiting money.

— We accept the following debit and credit cards.

  1. Visa Card
  2. Mastercard
  3. We also would like to clarify that:

  1. We do not accept cash nor checks.
  2. We do not accept PayPal.
  3. We apply additional verification for international orders outside the UK.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes! You may have the option to buy now and pay over three months completely free of charge through Klarna.

Other financial options are also available at a cost.