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Ring Size Guide

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The Basics

You've decided to pop the question and take the first step to spending the rest of your life together. We have some invaluable advice for choosing that special ring — even if you're planning a surprise proposal.

The average women's ring size is L½ and the average men's ring size is Q

Guessing your partner's ring size corectly can be done with a little common sense.

If you have a petite partner, it's likely that their hands are smaller with slender fingers, so try starting at size H or I for women, and around an N for men.

If they're closer to an average height, chances are they have and average finger size to match. An average finger size is L½ for women and a Q for men.

Finally, if your partner is above average height or build, their weight will be naturally distributed across their whold body, so it might be a good idea to start at around a ring size M or N for a woman and a size T for men.

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Ring Size Converter

UK USA EU Inside
Diameter (mm)
F 3 44.2 14.1
44.8 14.3
G 45.5 14.5
46.1 14.7
H 4 46.8 14.9
47.4 15.1
I 48.0 15.3
J 48.7 15.5
5 49.3 15.7
K 50.0 15.9
50.6 16.1
L 51.2 16.3
6 51.9 16.5
M 52.5 16.7
UK USA EU Inside
Diameter (mm)
53.1 16.9
N 53.8 17.1
7 54.4 17.3
O 55.1 17.5
55.7 17.7
P 56.3 17.9
8 57.0 18.1
Q 57.6 18.3
58.3 18.5
R 58.9 18.8
9 59.5 19.0
S 60.2 19.2
60.8 19.4
T 61.4 19.6

How To Measure

How do you find out your partner's ring size without them knowing?

If asking outright isn't an option, you could ask your partner's family and friends for help because they may be able to offer their advice. You could even ask her or his friends to suggest going out to try on rings and have their finger size measured while there.

There are other options like having a ring they already wear on their left-hand ring finger discreetly measured. However, if the ring is wider or narrower than 2mm, the more likely it is that the ring size wont me entirely accurate.

Measuring Tools

To measure ring size, you can use one of the below three tools. If you are purchasing your ring from Serendi just get in touch and we shall send you one of the below free of charge.

Plastic Ring Sizer

Easy to use plastic ring sizer for all UK sizes from A-Z. This tool is designed to correctly determine the ring size by measuring the finger where the ring will be worn.

Measuring tool - option 1

Ring Sizer Mandrel

Ring sizer mandrel to help you find out the size of an existing ring. Made from aluminium with UK sizes clearly displayed from A-Z.

Measuring tool - option 2

Ring Sizer Gauges

Metal ring sizer gauges with UK sizes from A-Z with ring size clearly marked on each ring. This tool is designed to correctly determine the ring size by measuring the finger wither the ring will be worn.

Measuring tool - option 3

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Resizing ringbuilder-reset-link

It's worth noting that around 40% of rings end up being resized, so as long as you can get a rough estimate by following these basic ring size guidelines, you'll get a pretty close idea.

What does it cost to get a ring resized?

If you don't manage to find the right ring size, we offer a complimentary first re-size on most Taylor & Hart designs to make things nice and simple.

Can all rings be resized?

Unfortunately not. If the ring needs to be resized any more than two sizes larger or smaller, there may be a fee that you must pay as your ring may have to be remade.

Also, some designs are unable to be resized, for example, full eternity rings or twisted bands. In this case, product pages will specify if they are unable to be resized and for bespoke designs, your design consultant will notify you if your design is unable to be resized.

Does resizing a ring weaken it?

In cases where the ring is being resized one or two sizes up or down, no.

Resizing is nommonplace at our workshop. To resize your ring, we make a small incision in the band and extend or tighten it as required. Once that's completed, the gap is soldered and polished to seamlessly hide any evidence of alterations.

When a ring needs to be resized any more than two sizes larger or smaller, there may be a fee that you must pay as your ring may have to be re-made to ensure its durability.

You can download our free printable ring sizer below.

Celebrity Examples

Now it's your turn to guess the ring sizes of these well known stars...

So you see, with a little common sense, you can guess you or your partner's finger size as close as possible.

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